12th Octave -
12th Octave 

Vision – 12 Octave inspires individuals and teams to achieve their full potential through their creative artistry.

Mission – 12 Octave accomplishes its’ vision by developing musical and other artistic skills, fostering self-confidence and teamwork, and developing servant leadership through creativity.

Where did the name come from?
The name “12 Octave” has unique significance.  Generally regarded as a number that signifies the perfection of authority, the number twelve symbolizes God’s power and authority in my own life.  There are 12 unique tones in an octave. An Octave is a musical term that represents the interval between two notes, one having twice the frequency of vibration of the other (thus, one “lower” and one “higher”).  This interval symbolizes the gap between where we are as individuals, and where we want to be. Through continued development of our musical, artistic, or leadership skills, we can close the gap.   Although not a religious organization, the 12 Octave will operate on principles founded in Christian faith, and develop people with Biblically bases principles. 

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