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Teacher Giving Guitar Lessons

Private Lesson Pricing*

We are more than simply teaching music or art – we are about establishing a sense of community in our studio to foster a life-long love of learning; we are about using gifts and talents to bless others in ways that keep on blessing, and about challenging one another to be better versions of ourselves, mentoring students and families for a long life of learning and growth, musicianship and craftsmanship. 

Tuition is paid in monthly installments, so it's the same rate in a 3, 4, or 5 week month.   It is based on enrollment, not attendance. The value your tuition provides is not only 30 minutes of lesson instruction from instructors who know and work in the music industry, performing and recording music, but mentorship and nurturing, and sharing life lessons through music.  The sense of community in our studio provides additional opportunity for them to grow as they learn life skills in addition to their instrument.  Our studio provides a warm and loving atmosphere for our students to learn to perform to a live audience, either solo, or in ensembles / bands during our Coffee House Events.

On-going Weekly Lessons 

$130 per month for 30 minute lessons​

$195 per month for 45 minute lessons


$260 per month  for 60 minute lessons

  • Average of 4 lessons per month over the year

  • Payment is auto-drafted on the 1st of the month

  • Free lesson or makeup lesson on the month with 5 weeks

Drop-In   (non-recurring)

$40 per 30 minute lessons​

$60 pe  45 minute lessons


$80 per 60 minute lessons

  • not suitable for beginners

  • suitable for advanced students who merely want some pointers or occasional lessons

  • subject to both studio and instructor availability

  • must be scheduled AND paid for in advance

  • Lessons are non-refundable for any reason

Scholarship  and fundraising opportunities are available to help defray the cost of lessons​.  Do not lss financial reasons keep you from learning - if lessons provide a hardship, please talk with us!

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