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More than Music!

We are more than simply teaching music or art – we are about establishing a sense of community in our studio to foster a life-long love of learning; we are about using gifts and talents to bless others in ways that keep on blessing, and about challenging one another to be better versions of ourselves, mentoring students and families for a long life of learning and growth, musicianship and craftsmanship. 

A music and art studio conveniently located right in the cultural district of Greensburg, Pa (with public parking right across). We teach music (private lessons and workshops), painting, writing, team-building, and other creative skills to develop people of all ages and backgrounds. 

 We serve all near-by communities including: Greensburg, Youngwood, Latrobe, Delmont, Irwin and others. 

We provide a warm and encouraging atmosphere where students will be encouraged to grow, not only in their individual gifts and talents, but with respect to one another as we build groups to work with one another. 

Our cafe area provides a place where students of all ages and learn to perform live music in an encouraging, accepting, and loving environment. 

 Parents can rest comfortably in our lobby or browse our gallery filled with local artwork and hand-crafted art while their kids are learning!

Our Vision

To change the lives of 25,000 people through music and creativity by 2030.

Our Mission

The 12th Octave accomplishes its’ vision by helping people DISCOVER their gifts and talents,  DEVELOP their skills and go make a DIFFERENCE in the world!


DISCOVER: We offer many opportunities to discover new creative outlets, from workshops to group classes to 1-1 private lessons in a multitude of disciplines.  these include piano, guitar, bass guitar, percussion, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, voice, arts and crafts, painting, sketching, writing and more!


DEVELOP: We work to develop individual skills in the instrument itself.  Along with that, we foster self-confidence, encourage self-discipline, promote goal achievement, and develop teamwork and servant leadership.

DIFFERENCE:  Together, we leverage our creative skills to go and make a difference in a dark world!  Music and Creativity bring healing, unity, and solace, and we're committed to the cause of using creativity to make a positive impact on the lives around us!

Our Story

In 2008, while working with local young musicians, an idea was born to open a “music school / coffee shop” where musicians could develop their skill and share it. The idea lay dormant for years, periodically peaking out from the recesses of my mind to be shaped and tweaked. 12th Octave, LLC was officially incorporated in April 2018, after teaching piano in my home for years. In 2019, through a series of events that could only have been orchestrated by the Creator Himself, I partnered with my long-time friend and fellow musician, Dan. Together, we opened a music / art studio in the heart of the cultural district of Greensburg, PA. We are thrilled to expand the dream to include other instructors and instruments as well as other workshops including paint, creative writing classes, and other team-building and character-building events.  We are looking forward to inspiring creativity in you!

Sharon & Dan

Our Name

Where did our name come from?

The name “12 Octave” has unique significance. Generally regarded as a number that signifies the perfection of authority, the number twelve symbolizes God’s power and authority in my own life. There are 12 unique tones in an octave. An Octave is a musical term that represents the interval between two notes, one having twice the frequency of vibration of the other (thus, one “lower” and one “higher”). This interval symbolizes the gap between where we are as individuals, and where we want to be. Through continued development of our musical, artistic, or leadership skills, we can close the gap. The 12th Octave operates on principles founded in Christian faith, and develop people with Biblically based principles of love and acceptance.  We  welcome people of all religious backgrounds and beliefs to our studio and look to develop your artistic skills regardless of your beliefs.

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