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What our Students are saying:

I have three boys ages 13,12,and 9 that take piano lessons from Mrs. Bratton. They absolutely love her! She is an amazing teacher because she makes lessons fun while allowing them to continue to learn and improve. My kids are motivated to practice at home which is fantastic. I’m so impressed with how far they’ve come as musicians since taking lessons from Sharon. We’re so grateful to have found her!

Allison DeFilippo - March 2018

I have been taking lessons from Mrs. Bratton for four years. She is a great teacher, she encourages me to always complete things even when they are difficult. She calls me a ' perfectionist' because I like to get things absolutely perfect. I am now working on intermediate classical music and music theory. She is also very flexible with time. I like taking lessons from

Mrs. Bratton!

Abby Ramaley (8 yrs old) April 2018

My sons, ages 9 and 11, began taking lessons with Mrs. Sharon Bratton in September of 2017. Sharon’s love of piano was evident from the start. Through Sharon, both boys have been able to greatly expand upon their previous knowledge and gain a greater understanding of rhythm, timing, and overall musicality. She takes extra time and directs focus where needed. My boys are not receiving “cookie-cutter” lessons. I have sat in during my boys’ sessions with Sharon, and I truly believe they are learning according to their needs and in a way that will serve them long-term. This also is evident in the way they have been taught to practice. At home in between lessons, they no longer are merely playing a song from beginning to end; now, they are taking the song apart, measure by measure, and mastering it as intended until moving on to the next part. Sharon also has provided the boys with the opportunity to express themselves and their interests. They have been invited and encouraged to learn the songs they enjoy. An additional plus is Sharon’s flexibility. My boys, like most kids today, are involved in multiple activities, and it can be hard to fit in everything. Sharon has been extremely accommodating and has allowed us to reschedule when needed so that the boys do not have to miss out on lessons. Sharon is talented, kind, knowledgeable, motivational, fair, accommodating, and genuine, and we couldn’t be happier to have her in our lives.

-Jodi Vollero, April 2, 2018

Team Building and Sharon Bratton are synonymous with one other.  I worked with Sharon on a leadership team for over 7 years and was blessed to be able to watch her develop as a leader and develop others to be great team members and leaders as well.  Being a great team member comes with listening well, being open to new ideas, and doing what is required to achieve the goal, whether it is your idea or not.  Sharon's approach allows people to get to know each other, including their strengths and weaknesses.  Sharon also encourages the team to try bold and hard actions, and to be forgiving if success is not achieved.  Sharon guides teams to believe that they are either succeeding or learning - there is no failure!  I personally learned so much from Sharon about team building through her creative, interactive, and personal approach. Look to Sharon to help you create wildly successful and creative teams!

--Eric Kulikowski, June 2020

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